Feature Friday: @brigitte_pz

We spoke with Brigitte Parez, a FlyNYON frequent flyer,  about her many experiences flying with us over New York City.

Brigitte, originally from Belgium, has been living stateside in New Jersey for the past 15 years.  She says she prefers to spend her days in New York City. “Just walking through my city or admiring the beauty of NY out of a helicopter. New York City makes me happy, I’m truly in love with this city.”

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Q: How long have you been taking photos/ what got you into photography?

I have always loved photography. Developed my passion at a very young age when I was traveling with my parents as a little girl. I started to take more pictures from my traveling about 15 years ago. Truly passionate about travel and aerial photography.  


Q: How many times have you been up in a helicopter?

I have been already 5 times and can’t wait to be back in the air next week. It’s always a great adventure. In April I have my first FlyNYON flight over Miami, excited.

Q: What is your most memorable FlyNYON Flight?

Every flight with FlyNYON is memorable. It’s always a new adventure. Maybe my most memorable flight was my first flight last summer. Because I always dreamed to fly over NYC in a helicopter. Finally my dream came true.


Q: If you could take a photo flight over any city in the world, where would it be?

I think NYC is the most magical photo flight you can have in the world.  But one day I am hoping to have an overview off the strip from a photo flight over Las Vegas and fly over the Opera House and Harbor Bridge in Sydney, Australia.


Q: What programs, if any, do you use to edit your photos?


Q: What’s your favorite building to see from the air?

My favorite buildings are The Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building in NYC.


Q: Who are some of your favorite Instagrammers?

Just to name a few: @beholdingeye @christopherferris @pepster3d @nyctme @nyroamer @ch3m1st @LJBNYC1 @papakila and off course @flynyon and @nyonair. These instagramers inspire me every day.  


Thanks for sitting down with us Brigitte!