FlyNYON August Features!

What a great summer it has been! Fantastic flying weather makes for a happy FlyNOYN company.

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Last week, the NY Post featured FlyNYON in an article online and in print! Here’s a quick excerpt:

FlyNYON, a New Jersey-based company, offers open-door helicopter rides that soar high above the city’s skyline. “We fly with the doors off so you really get a unique perspective of the city and get to shoot pictures unobstructed,” Paul GaNun, who works for the company, told Caters News Agency.

Read the full NY Post Article here. 


Shortly after the article came out, it became a popular discussion on “Live with Kelly and Michael”, with Ciara substituting that day for Kelly. See clip below.

Ciara and Michael bring up many points that we would love to address! Every aspect of flying the FlyNYON experience is safe. The pilot has briefed you on safety, and what to do at every part of your journey with us. You are harnessed into your seat, and strapped several other ways. You have a headset on where you can communicate with everyone in the helicopter as well as the pilot. There is no “friend holding you”, just the friendly strong embrace of our harnesses and straps. For a fun look at behind the scenes to flying with us, check out this video below of the experience by FunForLouis.

Written by Jackii Sovern.