FlyNYON Offers You One of the Most Incredible Helicopter Rides Over New York City

“Sure, drones are super dope and can provide you with great aerial footage of a given location, but there’s no substitute for actually being thousands of feet up in the air, capturing the beauty down below. Accordingly, NY On Air — the company that is largely responsible for shots of New York City that you see in television and movies — has started a new venture allowing you to strap up in a helicopter and head to the friendly skies over the city.


Dubbed FlyNYON, the imprint gives you the option of 20 or 30-minute rides, as you can in turn snag some impressive footage of the Big Apple like you never had access to before. FlyNYON harness you into the helicopter like a professional, removes the doors, and gives you complete visual access to city and skies. You’ll never find an experience like this with other helicopter tour operators in the city. ”


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