GQ Feature: “This Helicopter Company Will Fly You Over New York City and Make You an Instagram God”

“Whenever you watch a TV show or movie based in New York City, you’re probably seeing stock footage filmed by the folks at NY On Air. Whether it’s a slow pan of sunset in Midtown or a tracking shot of a boat as it pulls into the Financial District, the production company shoots just about every angle of the city from their helicopters buzzing around the island.

Now, it’s opening up its services to even the most amateur photographers. With FlyNYON, their consumer spinoff, visitors strap up in a doorless helicopter (it shouldn’t feel safe, but it does) for either a 20 or 30-minute ride over New York. ”




We really loved flying Andrew from GQ! He embraced every aspect of our FlyNYON experience, and loved reading about it in detail in his article. If you want to read the full article (and you totally should, it’s our favorite piece yet!), you can read it here.


Written by Jackii Sovern.