NYonAir Captures Arsenal of Democracy Flyover in Washington D.C. !

Washington D.C. is the most prestigious, powerful, and most importantly, surveilled places in America. There is quite possibly nowhere else that is as restricted, with justifiably good measure. Helicopters let alone airplanes, cannot fly in the airspace very often due to the  severe restrictions and how hard it is to get permission to fly in […]

#flyNYONmiami on Phhhoto

During our #flyNYONmiami Launch Party, our influential guests were posting Phhhoto’s throughout the event! There were 16 posts to the #flyNYONmiami hashtag on Phhhoto, and 3 of those made the #Wow page! Check out this video (in FULL SCREEN) that our Social Media Manager, Jackii, put together of all the Phhhoto’s from the launch event! […]

The FlyNYON View From Above with Visit Florida

We took Visit Florida’s, Kara Franker on a photo experience flight with FlyNYON during our Miami Launch Weekend! Read below as she vividly describes what it’s like to fly above Miami with us, and feel free to book your own flight in Miami with us (on www.flynyon.com) right after reading her article! “Imagine soaring through […]

JustLuxe Covers the FlyNYON Miami Launch!

“Fridays not only mean the end of the work week, but also the beginning of a fun-filled weekend. If you don’t have any plans yet and happen to live in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area, we might have found some for you. You may know of New York-based NYonAir from the specialized aerial experiences they offer, […]

Huffington Post Flies with FlyNYON in Miami!

Huffington Post recently took a beautiful ride with us on a FlyNYON flight in Miami, and here’s what they had to say! “To get the full picture of Miami’s evolution, locals and tourists can now — in a moment — peer at Brickell’s construction and take in the breathtaking turquoise ocean. Impressed with Miami’s varied […]

Spoiled NYC Lists @nyonair as #1!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to see Spoiled NYC list our Instagram @nyonair, as #1 in a list of ten instagrams that will make you fall in love with New York all over again! “It’s easy to forget just how astounding this city is because all we can do is look up at the buildings […]

Untapped Cities with the FlyNyon Experience!

Untapped Cities, a community website of contributors that uncover the best of urban life from around the globe, recently came on a FLYNyon trip with us and shared the experience in an article! All images shot by @bhushan_NYC and article written by @catherine2m.  “The company that took off just three years ago to span the skies of New […]

Instaflite with NYonAir

@wyattneuman 2014 was the year of the Instaflite launch! @vinfarrell What is an Instaflite, you ask? If you’re a thrill seeker, a photo enthusiast, a person looking for a new experience, look no more! Getting on an Instaflite with NYonAir guarantees you the aerial visual experience of a lifetime. Like a pro, we’ll harness you into the […]

This Is What It’s Like To Fly Above Manhattan from The Huffington Post

“Flying with New York on Air is an experience that’s both exhilarating and peaceful — and one that, thanks to Instagram, more and more viewers and photographers are getting to have.” An early November article from the Huffington Post details what it’s like to fly above Manhattan with NYonAir!  “There’s an artistic component,” Farrell added. […]